Tall Structures

Steel Chimneys - Repairs & Maintenance


We are the leader in the repair, maintenance and retrofit of deteriorated and damaged stacks and chimneys. We have developed a detailed program for classifying and categorizing maintenance and repairs. This program is individually applied to specific structures and tailored to each client by using a set of criteria developed by our team. This method allows us to provide our clients with efficient, cost-effective solutions that are well planned and properly executed. Life-cycle planning and cost/benefit analysis are factors we consider prior to recommending any repair or developing a maintenance program.

Our experienced crews, using highly specialized equipment, repair chimneys and linings of all materials including but not limited to steel, brick, concrete, and FRP.

Repair & Maintenance Services include:

  • Temporary Stacks & Bypass Systems
  • Linings & Internal Coatings
  • Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)
  • Electrical Systems
  • Ductwork Construction & Repair
  • Emissions Monitoring (Test Ports & Monorails)
  • Access Systems (Platforms & Ladders)
  • High Pressure Washdowns