Tall Structures

Solar Towers - Mechanical Scopes of Work

In addition to the design and construction of the concentrated solar power (CSP) tower, Commonwealth is able to offer our clients the option to provide many other mechanical scopes of work inside and outside of the tower.


  • Design & Engineering for Piping Supports
  • Assembly of Piping and Plate Supports Inside the Tower
  • Assembly of cable trays and wires Inside the Tower
  • Lifting of panel boxes & transfers, Insulation, Trace, and Wires Inside the Tower
  • Installation of Permanent Hoists
  • Repairs to Heat Shield on the Receiver
  • Repairs to the Hot Salt Tank
  • Replacement of Superheater
  • Design, Supply, and Install New Platforms
  • Miscellaneous Repairs to Evaporator, Piping, and Heater Bay
Solar Tower Superheater