International Capabilities ﹘ Sample Projects


Dabhol Power Project
Project: Dabhol Power Project
Location: Maharashtra State, India
Size: Two (2) 98m tall dual wall steel stacks
Client: Bechtel Corporation
Owner: Ratnagiri Gas & Power Private Limited

Alcan Kirkvine Works
Project: Alcan Kirkvine Works
Location: Jamaica, West Indes
Size: Two (2) 150' tall dual wall steel stacks
Client: Alcan Jamaica Company

Pacifico Project
Project: Pacifico Project
Location: Petacalco, Mexico
Size: One (1) 115.85m tall reinforced concrete
chimney with insulated steel liner
Client: Techint Engineering & Construction
Owner: Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

Central Termoelectrica Ilo Project
Project: Central Termoelectrica Ilo Project
Location: Ilo, Peru
Size: One (1) 426' tall reinforced concrete chimney
with steel liner
Client: Hitachi America
Owner: EnerSur

EcoElectrica L.P. Cogeneration Station
Project: EcoElectrica L.P. Cogeneration Station
Location: Penuelas, Puerto Rico
Size: Two (2) 230' tall single wall steel stacks
Client: Alstom Power
Owner: EcoElectrica

COCO III Cogeneration Project
Project: COCO III Cogeneration Project
Location: Map Ta Phut, Rayong Province, Thailand
Size: Two (2) 100m tall single flue steel reinforced
concrete chimneys
Client: Black & Veatch
Owner: Map Ta Phut Cogeneration Co. LTD

PTTAR Clean Fuel Project
Project: PTTAR Clean Fuel Project
Location: Thailand
Size: One (1) 80 meter tall steel stack
Client: SKE&C
Owner: PTT Aromatics & Refining Public Co. Ltd.

RRC Upgrading Project
Project: RRC Upgrading Project
Location: Rayone Province, Thailand
Size: One (1) 97.5 meter tall Chimney with insulated steel flue
Client: SKE&C
Owner: Rayong Refinery Public Company