Tall Structures

Dry Cooling Systems


There are many reasons why Dry Cooling Systems are gaining popularity as a power plant design option. The use of these technologies limits water usage which positively impacts environmental conservation, and important value Dominion shares with our clients. Water shortage, combined with environmental concerns about water pollution is forcing many plants to retrofit existing power generating facilities with dry cooling options. These technologies also appeal to new development as it increases plant siting options and may reduce the time required to obtain construction permits as water issues no longer apply.

We have been working with customers around the world erecting these specialized systems for almost 15 years. Utilizing our global network of resources, our team is able to provide project management, supervision, and field erection services for ACCs and ACHEs.

Erection Services Include:

  • Concrete Foundations
  • Steel Erection & Fabrication
  • Crane Hoisting & Rigging
  • Equipment Installation
  • Pipe Installation & Pipe Welding
  • Material Management
  • System Testing & Start-Up Services