Turbine Exhaust Systems ﹘ CT Stacks

CT StacksCombustion turbine equipment is expected to handle extreme temperatures and turbulent flow conditions which create highly variable internal pressures and vibration; cyclical loadings is a common operation of most generation facilities; and severe external loads from wind and seismic conditions. The equipment is frequently required to meet stringent sound attenuation and precise pressure drop criteria which can present a challenging array of engineering issues for these complex systems. The CTES group applies an analytical design approach using state-of-the-art FEA analysis software and drawing upon our vast experience base to develop CT systems that function to the highest performance levels. Superior designs are a critical integration and technical balance of acoustic performance, thermo-mechanical parameters, life-cycle fatigue analysis, fluid dynamics and vibration, modularization for transportation and field erection considerations, mechanical and structural engineering principles, with sound manufacturing techniques and details.