Turbine Exhaust Systems ﹘ Silencers


The CTES Division's greatest focus in a CT exhaust system is the proper design and configuration of the silencer package. The silencers are not only crucial in meeting sound attenuation requirements, but they frequently dictate the entire exhaust configuration. Improper arrangement of silencer panels with inadequate open flow areas and incorrect panel orientation can generate "self noise" and defeat their effectiveness. In addition, non-uniform and inconsistent exhaust gas flow conditions through the silencer panel gaps can create large pressure differentials and higher flow velocities which lead to acoustic fill evacuation and silencer panel failure as a result of structural fatigue. Silencer panels also tend to be the largest contributor to pressure drop levels which directly impacts the turbine efficiency and corresponds to lost revenue for plant owners. Commonwealth's CTES Division is committed to solving these difficult engineering and construction issues for these complex systems.