Turbine Exhaust Systems Sample Projects

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Project: Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Location: Chalk Point, Maryland
Size: One (1) 85' by 18'6" I.D. combustion turbine stack,
including acoustic silencer
Service: One (1) General Electric Frame 7 combustion turbine
Client: Burns & McDonnell
Owner: PEPCO

Ocean Peaking Power Project
Project: Ocean Peaking Power Project
Location: Lakewood, New Jersey
Size: Three (3) 75' by 19'0" I.D. combustion turbine stacks, including exhaust ductwork and acoustic silencers
Service: Three (3) General Electric Frame 7FA combustion turbines
Client: J.A. Jones/Lockwood Greene
Owner: ConEd Development

Richland Power Project
Project: Richland Power Project
Location: Defiance, Ohio
Size: Three (3) 100' by 20'0" I.D. combustion turbine stacks, including acoustic silencers.
Service: Three (3) ABB GT 11 N2 combustion gas turbines
Client: Gemma Power Systems
Owner: First Energy

Vandolah Power Project
Project: Vandolah Power Project
Location: Wauchula, Florida
Size: (4) 75' by 23'0" I.D. combustion turbine stacks and ductwork, including acoustic silencers.
Service: Four (4) General Electric Frame 7FA combustion turbines.
Client: Gemma Power Systems, LLC
Owner: El Paso Energy