About Us

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The Commonwealth Group of Companies is a recognized leader in the chimney industry having over thirty years of experience in our field.  Commonwealth consists of eight (8) companies with a presence in five different countries, and employs the most experienced group of engineering and construction professionals in the industry.  Virtually all of our engineers, managers, and field personnel have spent their entire professional careers dedicated to the construction of large industrial chimneys and tall specialized structures.


  • Concrete Chimneys
  • Steel Stacks
  • Concrete & Steel Towers
  • Storage Silos
  • Natural Draft Cooling Towers
  • Turbine Exhaust Systems


  • Design & Engineering*
  • Fabrication & Delivery
  • Field Erection
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Consulting


*CDI is not currently performing structural engineering services in the state of Illinois.