About CDI

The History of Commonwealth Dynamics, Inc.

Since 1980 Commonwealth Dynamics, Inc. has been a recognized leader in the design, construction, and maintenance of tall structures for the power generation and other major industries.

We specialize in steel stacks, concrete chimneys, storage silos, solar towers, natural draft cooling towers, and other associated structures and equipment including air cooled condensers (ACC’s) and LNG tanks. 

In 2016 Commonwealth was acquired by Global Dominion Access, S.A. (DOMINION), creating the largest worldwide group of chimney and tower design builders.  The merging of technical expertise, specialized construction techniques and equipment, and regional knowledge allows DOMINION and Commonwealth to provide the highest level of service to our clients.
About CDI

The History of Global Dominion Access, S.A.

Global Dominion Access S.A., founded in 1998, has grown to become a global provider of multi-technology services and specialized engineering solutions. We combine knowledge, technology and innovation to help customers make processes more efficient by implementing services and solutions supported by specialized technology and platforms.

Dominion is characterized by three core values:

Specialized Domain Knowledge & Expertise in our Industry Sectors
> Successful background of 15+ years
> Integrated 30+ companies and their professionals

Business Model is Devoted to Technological Vitality
> Rapidly changing technological environment
> Digitalization - continuous process improvement in a highly competitive market

Penetration of New Verticals & Geographics
> Vast span of capabilities allow us to provide one stop shop solutions

Today Dominion has become a global supplier of specialist multi-technology engineering services and solutions with a leading position in certain market segments.

Global Dominion Access, S.A. Timeline

About DOMINION Industry

The DOMINION Industry group is comprised of recognized leaders in the fields of Industrial Erection, Gas & Combustion Systems, Industrial Linings and Tall Structures, with some members dating back to 1927. The merging of technologies, design and engineering expertise, specialized construction techniques and equipment, and regional knowledge allows DOMINION Industry to provide the highest levels of quality and service to our customers around the globe. As a group we strive to improve the efficiency of industrial processes by offering turnkey solutions including design and engineering, project management, construction, and supervision.

Beroa Logo
World leader group of companies in the refractory and tall structures markets. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Steelcon Logo 
Europe’s leading manufacturer of Steel Chimneys, Steelcon has delivered more than 6,500 steel chimneys all over the world. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Commonwealth Logo
Headquartered in the United States, CDI is a leader in the design, construction and maintenance of Tall Structures for the power generation and other industries. Joined Dominion in 2016. 

ICC Logo
Founded in 1927, ICC is the North American leader in maintenance and demolition of Tall Structures. Joined Dominion in 2016.

Bierrum Logo
A UK based company founded in 1927, BIERRUM designs and constructs high-tech complex Structures, including Natural Draft Cooling Towers. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Abantia Logo
Founded in 1944, ABANTIA is a leader in Gas and Combustion Stations, and Electromechanic Assembly and Maintenance. Joined Dominion in 2016. 

Altac Logo
Established in Spain, ALTAC is a leader in the design of Tall Structures specializing in Solar Towers. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Karrena Logo
Established in 1914, globally recognized for refractory engineering and tall structures construction. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Burwitz Logo
Merged with KARRENA in 2010, a German leader for refractory maintenance since 1949. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Protisa Logo
Setting the standard in the Spanish market for fireproofing, insulation and industrial linings. Joined Dominion in 2016.


CTP Thermique Logo
A pioneer in refractory technology design and engineering, established in France in 1926. Joined Dominion in 2014.

CRI Logo
Expanding globally a long history of Italian know-how in tall structures and refractories. Joined Dominion in 2014.

Novocos Logo
Leading Ceramic welding technology for coke plants and glass furnaces. Joined Dominion in 2014.

F&S Logo
Refractory linings & concrete repairs. Joined Dominion in 2014.

RCC Logo
Established in September 2005, Refractories and Chimneys Construction Co. Ltd offers in-depth experience in the design and construction of industrial chimneys, reinforced concrete tall structures, freestanding steel chimneys, refractory and anti-acid linings. Joined Dominion in 2014.